Despite N720 million renovation allocation, Kwara indoor sports remains abandoned

The Kawara State indoor sports have remained in deplorable condition despite the sum of N720 million allocated for its renovation in 2017.

The Kwara state government in 2017 through the Ministry of Sport and Youth Development budgeted and allocated the sum of N720 for the renovation of the sports facility.

Worse still, three years after the sports facility has not been renovated while it continues to be in deplorable condition with refuse dumps and urine littered all over the place.

A senior government official in the Sport and Youth Development who does not want his name mentioned, told MAWA Foundation that since the money was allocated in 2017, there has been no effort by the state to renovate the sports facility.

He accused the state government of conniving with government officials to divert monies meant for projects in the state.

He, however, told MAWA that there are many abandoned projects in the state despite monies have been allocated to them while calling on the anti grant agencies to develop special interests investigating the state activities to uncover monies that have been stolen through corrupt means.


Credit: Udeme

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