Camp officials rape us in exchange for food, women in Maiduguri IDPs

Women and girls in the Internally Displaced Persons IDPs camps in Maiduguri have recounted their experiences in the camp how they are  being raped by camp officials before they can be giving food.

Some women and girls in Bama IDP told MAWA Foundation that officials mainly the Civilian JTF and the military are forcing them to have sex with them before they can be given food.

An insider source who said he has a good knowledge of what is happening in the IDPs camps told MAWA Foundation that survivors are been starved and are not giving food.

He also said some of the IDPs camps are now hubs of sex trade, narrating how some men go to the camps to carry away young girls and women in an exchange for sex.

Miss Jane, who is a survivor of Boko Haram attack, told MAWA Foundation that IDPs camps are now offering Maiduguri men cheap sex as there are many women who trade sex as cheap as N100.

Amina who preferred only her first name mentioned for fear of victimization, told   MAWA Foundation that she has had sex severally with camp officials for the purposes of getting food to eat.

She narrated how the officials have sex with her despite the fact that she is a nursing mother with three children.

We have sex with them so we do not die of starvation, they told MAWA Foundation

One of the camp officials who did not want his name mentioned, confirming the incident, condemned the act, pointing out that many of the women do not have the courage to report the officials that demand sex for food.

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