Constituency project: Kano lawmaker shares goats as youth empowerment

Mr. Abdullahi Gaya, a lawmaker from Kano state at the Federal House of Representatives has shared a goat and N10k each to15 youth as constituency project empowerment scheme after  N10 million allocation from FG.

The lawmaker who shared the goats and N10k at Ajingi/Albasu area of Kano State had in the year 2020 using the Federal Ministry of Agriculture to nominate youth empowerment as his constituency project.

A nomination the Federal Government had since release the sum of N10 million for its execution.

Worse still, Tracka, a public accountability organization who followed the project, disclosed that  out of the N10 million, only 15 youth were selected and given a goat and N10k each.

It is not, however, clear how the lawmaker plans to spend the remaining fund.

But, Nigerian experience has shown that the money is likely to be stolen as that is always the norm of how constituency projects are being executed in the country.

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