Girls College Jalingo hall abandoned despite N48 million allocation

Federal Government Girls College, Jalingo, the Taraba State Capital multipurpose hall has been abandoned despite the sum of N48 million allocated to its construction.

The college, located at Jalingo, the Taraba state capital had N48 million allocated to it by the Federal Government in the year 2020.

Although funds have been released for the project, Tracka, a public accountability organization that visited the college, said, though the project has begun, but has since been abandoned and contractors not on site.

Taraba college is not an exception, across the Nigerian state, there are many abandoned projects despite funds been released for them.

Often, government officials connive with contractors to divert monies meant for projects, while the projects are abandoned and monies not accounted for.

This has become a norm that has helped undermined Nigeria’s inability to attain growth and development particularly in the area of infrastructures.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the school authority for a response.

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