Anger as Enugu lawmaker sponsors bill to pay former govs billions as life pension

Mr. Ikechukwu Ezugwu, Enugu  lawmaker, representing the people of Udenu Local Government Area in the State House of Assembly has sponsored a bill for past Governors who had served the state to collect billions as life  pension.

Angry over the Bill, Mr. Odoh, who hails from Udenu while speaking to MAWA Foundation, said the lawmaker who sponsored the bill is working to favour Ugwuanyi, the State Governor who comes from Udenu, same place with him.

Odoh, however, added that many Udenu residents are surprised to see a lawmaker who has done nothing for his people sponsor such a Bill in a state that lacks basic infrastructures with extreme poverty in rural communities.

Odoh wondered why Ugwuanyi, the Enugu state Governor who spent 16 years in the state House of Assembly without doing anything for his people will allow such a Bill to see the light of the day on the floor of the House.

Mr. Ejike Ezeh, who spoke to MAWA Foundation from Enugu town, while condemning the Bill, said Enugu metropolitan city has no water for over three weeks and poverty in rural communities is huge, and wondered why Ugwuanyi and the State House of Assembly will contemplate such anti people law.

He, however, appealed to the lawmakers and the state Governor to immediately discard such a Bill describing it as economic rape on Enugu people.

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