Extra: Ministry of Works to spend N1 billion supervising projects

The Federal Ministry of Works has allocated a whopping sum of N1 billion for the supervision of projects in the year 2021.

An amount the ministry has since made provision in its 2021 budget.

The ministry that is under the supervision of Mr. Tunde Fashola, the former Lagos State Governor, said the money will be paid as consultancy fees to experts that will assist it in the supervision of the projects which are mainly roads and bridges.

Although the ministry did not give breakdown of its plans to spend the whopping sum for project supervision, it has since allocated the huge sum to be expended on its claim.

Nigeria has the culture of allocating huge sums of monies to assignment that can be done with lesser amounts.

Often, the money is inflated with government officials conniving to get kickbacks from the shady deals.

Worse still, the country has continued to borrow to finance the budgets, an action the state says she was forced to undertake because she has no money and needed to borrow.

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