Living in COVID-19 era, terrific, frustrating

Mrs. Alice Ngbuo, a resident of Mpape area of Abuja, an informal settlement, has  told MAWA FOUNDATION that living in the time of COVID-19 is terrific and frustrating considering the huge poverty and suffering the pandemic brought.

Ngbuo who spoke at her Mpape resident, said there was a huge poverty before the outbreak of Coronavirus, pointing out the pandemic made life more difficult and complicated.

She narrated how her husband Mr. David Ngbuo who worked in one of the big hotels in Abuja, had his employment terminated by his employer because they could not raise money to pay his salaries and other of his colleagues.

Ngbuo, who refused to disclose the name of the hotel that sacked her husband, said she now works in a restaurant to raise money and feed her family.

“To say that coronavirus is a big challenge is an understatement, it has destroyed homes and families, in Mpape here, many had left for their villages because they cannot cope”

“My husband was doing well before the coronavirus, his sack has a damn consequence on us, I had no option than to take up any job I see so we do not die of hunger”

“There is nobody in this community that is not going through hell as a result of coronavirus pandemic, businesses and jobs destroyed”

This report is supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa OSIWA

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