NDDC Says a Single Borehole Cost N100 Million

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) says a single borehole at Amaukwu community in Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia state cost N100 million in what appears a shocking example of contract inflation that has helped undermine the Commission’s ability to achieve its mandate.

Drilling a single borehole in Abia averages N1.5 million. A hydrology firm told MAWA FOUNDATION that amount should cover drilling and casing, installation of a solar-powered submersible pump, steel tower for the tanks, tanks, pipes, joints & suckers, installation, and labour.

The firm allowed an expanded estimate of N10 million if a water treatment facility is included alongside other optional accessories.

The Amaukwu borehole, NDDC budgeted for in 2017, had no such fittings. Indeed, it is unclear whether the project was implemented, as some of the community residents told MAWA they are yet to see the project of such nature around.

Still, the NNDC office has put in such a huge amount of money for a single borehole.

In 2017, NDDC budgeted the sum of N 93,347,249,603 for intervention projects in Abia state.

Analysts say poor execution of projects, racketeering, inflation of contracts, and other contractual breaches are some of the factors responsible for NDDC’s inability to achieve its mandate.

The Amaukwu borehole, budgeted for N100 million according to the 2017 NDDC budget obtained by WAR, did not specify the breakdown on how the amount was arrived at.

Mr. Clement Obi, Amaukwu resident told MAWA that there is no NDDC project in his community while challenging the NDDC to show where the project is located.

MAWA investigation revealed that a greater percentage of the NDDC projects in Niger Delta were either below the set standard or had been abandoned by contractors.

When MAWA sought the response of the NNDC office regarding allocating the sum of N100 million for a single borehole, the Commission declined to comment.

Although an official who spoke on the condition of anonymity faulted allocating the sum of N100 million, for drilling of a single borehole, he said the NDDC projects are often expensive because of vested interest that is usually characterized by corruption.

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