COVID-19 Crisis forced me divorce my husband

The Coronavirus economic crisis has led to the separation of husband and wife at the Masaka area of Nasarawa state, the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA Foundation) has learned.

The couples, who lived in the Tundun Wada area of Masaka, separated when the husband could not provide food for the family as a result of the coronavirus economic crisis.

Mrs. Margret Moses, the wife angry over Mr. Timothy, her husband’s inability to provide food for his households, divorced him.

Miss. Mercy disclosed to the MAWA team that Margret has since sent her three kids to her mother in the village at Obudu while she is staying at Masaka as a single mother.

She added that Moses, the husband has since gone back to the village and has gotten married to another woman, which is a confirmation they have gone their separate ways, and their divorce stands forever.

Mercy, however, told the MAWA team that Margret and Timothy are not the only couples that separated as a result of the coronavirus economic crisis.

She pointed out that she knows about two families that have since separated as a result of the coronavirus economic crisis.

When MAWA sought Margret’s explanation, she confirmed the divorce while pointing out that she could not cope with the severe poverty and hunger that became predominant in her house as a result of the coronavirus.

She added that her husband should be happy because she divorced him, pointing out that she saved him from dying.

“Mr. Timothy should be grateful to God because I divorced and took the load off him, if I had stayed she would have died of coronavirus economic crisis while trying to provide to his family,” Margret said.

“We are still bonded together, he is the father of my three kids, but am sorry circumstances demand we go our separate ways” she added.

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