Nigerian Agency, BPP pays N17.9 million for a single website

A Nigerian agency, Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) in a shocking example of contract inflation that has helped undermined the country’s development and rising cost of governance has built a single website at the sum of N17.9 million.

The agency saddled with the responsibilities to provide legal and institutional framework and professional capacity for public procurement in Nigeria under the presidency, awarded building a single website at the sum of N17, 995,850.00.

An amount that has since been published on a budgIt platform that publishes federal government spending.

According to the BPP, the deal is for an upgrade and development of a website (A Web- Based Price Checker Portal for Non- Customized Goods at The Bureau’s Price Checker Portal).

The contract was awarded to Ilor Technology Limited, a company registered January 25th, 2006, with its office located at 14, Oyanlane, Agbajistreet, Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

However, experts that spoke to MAWA Foundation, say that amount is too much for a single website and that when you include payment for consultancy services and over 15 months domain hosting fees you cannot arrive at that amount.

“There is no place in the world, a single website costs N17.9 million, Nigerian state and its official must stop this wicked corruption, Mr. Raphael Oduma”, an IT expert told MAWA.

When MAWA Foundation sought the BPP explanation, it did not respond to email sent.

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