Edo community hospital in deplorable condition despite funds released by FG

Makeke community hospital in Akoko Edo Local Government Area of Edo State has continued to be in a deplorable condition despite N11.250 million release that is 75% of N15 million allocated to renovate the hospital.

Mr. Akpatason Peter, a federal lawmaker from Edo State had facilitated the project as his constituency project using the National Primary Health Development Agency (NPHCDA).

Under the deal, the National Primary Health Development Agency and Mr. Peter the lawmaker are to renovate the Makeke maternity hospital at the sum of N15 million.

Although N11.250 million which is 75% of the total money has been released by the Federal Government to carry out the renovation, nothing has been done while the hospital continues to be in a deplorable condition.

Deplorable nature of the hospital
Deplorable nature of the hospital

Tracka, a public accountability organization that was in the community to monitor the project, said despite the 75% fund release, nothing has been done and the hospital is still in a terrible condition and needs serious intervention from the government.

Constituency projects are nominated by the lawmakers for the needs of their constituents and recommend same to the executive during budgeting; this will help to improve the living condition of the people in their constituents through building local infrastructures and other interventions.

But, often, community residents are not aware such monies have been given to their representatives, and that makes accountability very difficult.

However, Nigerian experience has shown that Lawmakers do not execute constituency projects as they appear in the national budget, and getting them to account for monies approved for such intervention is always difficult.

MAWA Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Edo lawmaker and NPHCDA for a response.

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