Deplorable Abuja community hospital pushing residents to death

Ijah Pada Abuja community suffer poor healthcare delivery

Residents of the Ijah Pada community in Federal Capital Territory FCT – Abuja the Nigerian capital city are facing difficulties accessing healthcare delivery as the only hospital in the area has since become deplorable with no hope of fixing it.

This is even as the hospital that is located at the Yangoji Ward in Kwali Area Council of Abuja has over 200 residents that depend on it for healthcare delivery.

Residents who spoke on the condition of the community narrated how they are facing difficulties trying to access healthcare as the only hospital in their area has since collapsed and needs renovation and equipment for it to function optimally and deliver healthcare to the inhabitants.

Worse still, the Abuja capital authority in the last decade has expended a huge amount of money on infrastructural development.

For instance, in the 2021 fiscal year, the National Assembly approved a total of N329 billion (329,963,491,523) as a statutory budget for the Federal Capital Territory Administration. And in the budget, the sum of 196.9 billion (N196, 911,494,243) was set aside for Capital Projects.

Good as this sounds, the people of Ijah Pada community continue to suffer and face difficulties in accessing healthcare as the only hospital in their area have since become deplorable.

Tracka, a public accountability organization that exposed the deplorable nature of the hospital, has since appealed to the FCTA to help fix it for residents to have access to healthcare delivery.

Ijah Pada community is not an exception, across communities in Abuja, there are many examples of how residents suffer a huge inadequate infrastructure with a lack of healthcare, education, water, and electricity as the most prominent.

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