Imo Residents groan as govt abandons Mgbidi Road

Imo Residents groan as govt abandons Mgbidi Road

Community residents in Imo State are groaning as the state government has since abandoned Mgbidi/Ozara road in Oru West Local Government Area of the State.

The locals in different accounts narrated how the contractor that was handling the road has since abandoned it leaving the community in a more suffering situation.

On a visit to the community, one observes how the road has been abandoned with water taken over it, making the road to be completely inaccessible, and forcing other communities that use the road to be cut off.

Miss Chizoba Onwubiko, a community resident while speaking to MAWA on the condition of the road described it as a sorry situation that is totally unacceptable to the people.

Onwubiko who disclosed that the Imo State government had abandoned the road for over two years, said it is affecting businesses and social life in the community.

Mr. Peter Ogu, another community resident who spoke to MAWA over the abandoned road, said it is not only affecting businesses. He pointed out that the terrible nature of the road is contributing to crimes in the state, adding that bandits and kidnappers take advantage of bad roads to carry out crimes.

About 13 of the locals who spoke to MAWA, accused Mr. Hope Uzodimma, the Imo State government of not prioritizing rural infrastructure.

In an affirmative voice, they say the Governor is concentrating on fixing federal roads with the hope of getting hiked contract price for the project from the federal government while leaving the rural residents to suffer.

“Look at a major road that leads to Ozara in Oru West Local Government Area, it has been cut off, the governor does not care, his main concern is to please his friends at the Federal level while the rural people he is supposed to serve are suffering”, one of the locals said.

Mr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor, who is not happy with the condition of the road, told MAWA that Mgbidi road is one example of many deplorable roads in Imo State.

Ejiofor, while narrating the situation in Imo state, said the governor is doing nothing regarding governance and accused him of serving the interest of those at the federal level, whom he alleged made him a governor for a reason best known to them.

“As of today, Mr. Hope Uzodimma is the worst governor in Imo State history, move around communities in the state and you will see a huge infrastructural deficit, the man does not care about the people”, Ejiofor said.

MAWA-Foundation could not immediately reach out to the Imo State government for an official response.

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