Nasarawa community lament as access bridge collapses

Local residents in Guto/Aisa Ward at Nasarawa Local Government of Nasarawa State are lamenting over a local collapsed bridge in their area that has since cut them off and is affecting business and social life.

The locals that spoke about the collapsed bridge that was exposed by “Nasarawa Mirror” a community media, in different accounts, narrated how it is affecting them in many different ways with an emphasis on the local economy while pointing out that farmers are the worst hit.

Mr. Sule James Adikwu, reacting over the collapsed bridge, said the community has never been lucky since the return of democracy in 1999. He pointed out that politicians continue to use and deceive the community while disclosing they have resigned their fate to God for a person that will help address the situation and improve the living condition of the residents.

“Nasarawa West has never been lucky for once since the beginning of democracy in 1999. And Tunga/Bakonu ward, Guto/Aisa ward in Loko development area, Nasarawa local government have been duping areas of politicians for more than a decade now, we are waiting upon God to bring someone that will have the interest of people at the heart”, Adiku said.

Mr. Mamo Jonathan, while commenting over the collapsed bridge, narrated how politicians use the bridge to campaign during elections, disappear and abandon the villagers to suffering as soon as they win elections.

“Politicians will use the bridge to campaign just to win the votes of that village, after winning they will zoom out completely, don’t give them your votes be wise, hungry, and selfish politicians we need a competent change,” Jonathan said.

This is even as Mr. Baba Bawa, a community resident, speaking on the development, said the community generates huge revenues but has been abandoned to suffer by the state government because they go not have mining sites.

“Tunga Bakono ward under Nasarawa Local Government Area is a ward that previously generated many revenues such as food (cash and food crops) and timber, but is not inclusive in the government because we don’t have mining”, Bawa said.

Maikoni Rishama,  who is not happy over the development, pointed out that there are other bridges in the state that are in a more deplorable condition. One of those deplorable bridges she pointed out is Angwan Kade bridge.

“Just go Angwan Kade road and see their bridge and see for yourself, go there, Hmmmm, the rest is history,” Rishama said.

The Guto/Aisa bridge has continued to be in this deplorable condition as Nasarawa state government in 2021 budget alone, approved N8.9 billion for road construction.

With the collapsed Bridge, the people of Guto/Aisa, who are largely farmers will find it difficult to move out their farm produce to the market. And this no doubt will further contribute to their suffering as their product will not get to the final consumers that will purchase them.

Nasarawa State-2021-key allocations
Nasarawa State-2021-key allocations

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