MAWA Foundation begins Nigeria Land Value Taxation (NILAVAT-Project)

MAWA Foundation begins Nigeria Land Value Taxation (NILAVAT-Project)

As Abuja Nigeria’s capital city is growing at about 13% rate, the city is struggling to provide basic infrastructure and services for its inhabitants, and that leads to escalating inequalities. A vast number of the population, lack access to housing, healthcare, education, electricity, transportation, water, sanitation, etc.

And, as urbanization is rapidly taking place in Abuja, and the government continues to invest in public infrastructure, the price and value of land have gone higher beyond reach of the poor, paving way for developers and speculators to have huge control over land ownership.

However, as Abuja continues to grow, leading to land prices increasing, the poor and informal businesses continually face eviction and displacement because the cost of living and doing business has become unaffordable for them.

One reliable way to help address these challenges is to generate public revenue that will tackle inequalities and promote inclusive development using land value capture.

This approach will allow the local government authorities to charge fees and taxes to developers and property owners and realize income that can then be reinvested into the community and city services.

As LAND VALUE TAXATION appears to be a viable approach to addressing urban poverty, and inequalities, and attaining integration, government, its officials, development partners, and practitioners in Nigeria are yet to tap into its enormous opportunities.

Important as it is in financing development, Land Value Taxation is yet to get the attention it deserves in Nigeria’s development pursuit.  This is even as the Abuja authority needs revenues to fund the city’s development.

And, this is even as Nigeria’s debt continues to rise while the country pushes to borrow more external loans to support development. No doubt, effective Land Value Tax implementation can raise revenues for urban development and reduce government borrowing.

It is therefore within this context that the Media Advocacy West Africa Foundation (MAWA-Foundation) with support from International Union for Land Value Taxation has begun Nigeria Land Value Taxation (NILAVAT-Project).

Follows us as we begin this advocacy.

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