Terrible Despicable Niger State Government College

Terrible Despicable Niger State Government College

The Government Science College in Suleja, Niger State has become hugely despicable, forcing one to assume it is a zoo where animals are kept instead of a school meant to be a place for learning.

The hotels that provide accommodation for the students have become so terrible that all the infrastructure and buildings have since collapsed.

Mr. Isa Ibrahim, who spoke to the MAWA-Foundation official on the condition of the school, said he has since withdrawn three of his kids because of its terrible nature.

Ibrahim pointed out that he is not the only one that has taken his kid out of the school.

“This school has been this deplorable for years without the government doing anything to fix it, at the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) we made efforts to fix it but we could not fund it”, Ibrahim told MAWA.

In the terrible school that was first exposed by Tracka, a public accountability organization, one could see videos and pictures showing the despicable condition the students learn.

Deplorable school hostel
Deplorable school hostel. Photo credit: Tracka 

The Government Science College Suleja has continued to be this deplorable even as the respective governments had claimed to have expended a huge amount of resources on education in the state.

It is unclear how the Niger State government has continued to allow public schools to become this deplorable and still believes children who depend on them for their education will learn anything that will improve their lives.

If the Niger State government continues to allow public schools to be this deplorable without making huge investments to revamp education, the state will have a massive population who will lose interest in education.

And the likely implication is that the state will have a huge number of persons who have no skills to be engaged in either the formal or informal sector. And, when that happens, there is the likelihood of an increase in the crime rate.

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