MAWA Foundation wins MEEDAN Check Global Independent Media Response Fund

MAWA Foundation wins MEEDAN Independent Media Response Fund

The Media Advocacy West Africa (MAWA-Foundation) is happy to win Meedan Check Global Independent Media Response Fund. It is a new climate misinformation fund, an initiative designed to respond to the hyperlocal needs of communities and media practitioners in North-Africa Western-Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the Asia-Pacific region.

MAWA-Foundation made it in the over 450 applications from 68 countries and number 4 among 6 organizations selected in Africa.

In the new funding, MAWA-Foundation in partnership with MEEDAN, INC will support independent media and local communities across six Area Councils in the Federal Capital Territory FCT-Abuja to address Climate Change related misinformation.

Climate change has become a major concern as its impact on humans and society has become huge. And, as it continues to impact society, apart from political pronunciations, governments at both local and global levels are yet to show tangible commitments to addressing it.

As Climate Change continues to impact the world, the media plays an important role, and apart from raising awareness about climate change and its causes, journalists and independent media organizations should be enabled to amplify the voices of the communities who are directly impacted by climate change, which is why this partnership becomes most fundamental.

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