Farmers in Anambra bear Climate Change burden

Farmers in Anambra bear Climate Change burden

Farmers in Anambra state have continued to bear the climate change burden. Flooding as a result of rising sea levels caused by climate change, led to the destruction of more than 2,500 chickens in a poultry farm in Anambra state, Southeast Nigeria.

The Matuuci Farms Ltd located at Agbobo Umuoga Ossomala Community in the Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State lost 2,500 chickens after it was hit by flood, leading to the loss of millions of Naira. About 400 workers were suspended from working after the flood destroyed the farm.

Mr. Patrick Sule-Ugboma, the Manager of Matuuci Farms Ltd, while narrating the impact of floods on his farm, pointed out that fish farms and other crops such as potatoes were also badly destroyed while farmers are counting their loss with no possibility of getting help from anywhere.

Apart from the flood that destroyed properties and farms estimated to cost millions of naira, Umunnakwo Community Bridge was also affected by the flood. A situation that made it difficult for residents to move and transport their goods.

Mr Chuka Nwabuokei, a community resident who spoke very disturbingly, disclosed that they have been battling flood for the past 15 years, without any solution in sight.

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Last year, more than 300 buildings including churches, schools, and hospitals were affected by floods in Ogwu-Ikpele community in Ogbaru local government. Farmers were the worst hit; their farmlands were washed away while others were forced to harvest their crops prematurely.

MAWA learned that residents in Ogbaru in the last 15 years have continued to bear climate change huge burden, with farmers being the worst hit. Mr. Chike Mba, a community resident who spoke to MAWA-Foundation via a telephone conversation, said farmers bear the huge burden of climate change as they are the ones who lose a huge portion of their farms to flood.

“Reports about climate change should not only be about the media sensationalizing floods but efforts must also be made to educate the government and the people on how climate change contributes to this ugly situation,” Mba said.

Usually, the media reports are limited to flooding, without making efforts to show how climate change is contributing hugely to the environmental crisis.

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