How Home Grown Initiative is Addressing Nigeria Energy Transition

How Home Grown Initiative is Addressing Nigeria’s Energy Transition

Local transformative initiatives in Borno and Kogi states of Northeast and North-central Nigeria are addressing energy transition that is moving away from fossil fuel and addressing climate change.

Phoenix Renewables Limited, led by Mr. Mustapha A. Gajibo is making a remarkable effort in the Nigeria Energy Transition targeted at phasing out fossil fuel and embracing renewable energy. Phoenix is producing Electric Vehicles that are been used in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital.

As of November this year, Mustapha announced that his company has entered into a partnership with the Borno State government to deploy 50 electric vehicles in Maiduguri town. He said the initiative will create jobs, reduce the cost of transportation and carbon emissions, making Maiduguri one of the lowest carbon emissions cities in Africa.

Apart from the Phoenix Renewables Limited initiative, the Nigerian state through the Rural Electrification Agency is powering rural communities using Solar. For instance, it has given electricity to Upake community in the Ajaokuta Local Government Area of Kogi State using an 80-kilowatt solar hybrid mini-grid.

The country has since put in place Nigeria’s Energy Transition Office (ETO), also,  the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), is building Electric Vehicles and charging Stations powered by solar across the country. The NADDC has since inaugurated a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station at the University of Nigeria Nuskka (UNN) as a pilot project with a firm promise to spread it across the country.

As part of the Nigerian government’s commitment to Energy Transition, in May 2023, it approved a 10-year national automotive policy that would run from 2023 to 2033. And, in the new policy, the Nigerian government allows a 10-year tax relief for in-country electric vehicle manufacturers. A move targeted at achieving a fast and effective energy transition that will phase out fossil fuel in line with the global agenda.

If the Nigerian state supports individuals like Mr. Mustapha Gajibo who has begun producing Electric Vehicles, the country will leverage local technology for a homegrown initiative that will play a key role in achieving an Energy Transition by phasing out fossil fuel in line with global pursuit.

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