MAWA-Foundation @5

MAWA-Foundation @5

MAWA-Foundation on the 14th day of January 2024 celebrates a successful and impactful five years of existence. we are very much grateful to our partners and followers who are the reason we are still standing.

Our journey started as a result of our determination and commitment to ensure accountability and address corruption which affects good governance, a team of young persons in 2016 came together and founded MAWA Foundation as a community media organization. It was developed into a registered non-governmental organization in 2019.

In the last five years, MAWA Foundation has made notable contributions to public accountability discourse focusing on public procurement, education, health, climate change, environment, research, campaign advocacy, media, and investigation.

During this period, MAWA Foundation has had to contend with challenges such as funding and human resources for her to do the work it sets out to do adequately.

Based on our experiences working across communities in Nigeria, climate change, education, health, budget tracking, participatory governance, media and investigation, capacity building, research, and advocacy, will form our thematic focus in the next five years (2025-2030).

Queen Nelly James,

Communication Officer

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